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Hampton Roads Music Service
Specialty: "fast turnaround, accurate, attention to detail, and resonable rates"
Clients: "Alliance Pub. Inc., Santa Barbara Music Pub., Mark Foster Music Co., Williamsburg Symphonia, USAF Heritage of America Band, ELK Music, Aldo Forte, Anne Phillips"
Location: Hampton, VA
VA Unknown
Barron Music Productions
Specialty: "copiest, arranger"
Clients: Hal Leonard
Location: Milan, OH
OH Unknown
RAS Music Services
Specialty: Audition Songs / Musical Theatre Repertoire
Clients: Actor/Dancers/ Singers
Location: London UK,
OH Unknown
Thomas Lindahl
Specialty: composer
Location: S-122 63 Enskede,
OH Unknown
Droettboom Professional Music Engraving
Specialty: "Choral, vocal"
Clients: Toronto area composers
Location: "North York, ON, CANADA",
OH Unknown
Thore Kennestad produktion
Specialty: "Choral,classical music"
Clients: Verbum AB
Location: S-163 54 Spånga,
OH Unknown
Vjekoslav Svilovic
Specialty: "classical, orchestral notation, choral music, pop ...5 years experience"
Clients: "churches, military, bands, music festivals, music association"
Location: ,
OH Unknown
Marv Arnold
Specialty: Finale Mac copyist - educational expert
Location: Morrisville, NY
NY Unknown
Nuance Music
Specialty: "orchestral, chamber and contemporary notation"
Clients: "Dr. Phillip Schroeder, John Bavicchi"
Location: Austin, TX
TX Unknown
Computer Services Company
Specialty: Copist
Clients: "Kenny Mann, Babbie Mason, A. Williams"
Location: Winter Haven, FL
FL Unknown
NanSherpa Musik Services
Specialty: lead sheets/full scores/excellent keyboard skills making for quick entry
Location: Owasso, Oklahoma
Oklahoma Unknown
Artistic Music Engraving
Specialty: Choral Music
Location: Tempe, AZ
AZ Unknown
Bob's Music Notation Service
Specialty: band &orchestra music
Location: Celina, Ohio
Ohio Unknown
Rafael Ferrer
Specialty: Copyist
Clients: "Latin, Contemporary music composers"
Location: "San Pedro Cholula, Puebla. México",
Ohio Unknown
Creative Senses
Specialty: "contemporary Christian, pop, classical"
Location: McKinney, Texass
Texass Unknown
Specialty: Composer
Location: "Sendai, Miyagi, JAPAN",
Texass Other
BS Teachers Collage
Specialty: teaching music at the teachers college
Clients: students at the teachers college
Location: "2800 lyngby, Denmark",
Texass Unknown
Carthan & Associates
Specialty: "Professional Arranger, Copyist & Music Teacher"
Clients: "Churches, Military, Soloists, Bands, etc."
Location: , MD
MD Unknown
Media Design Workshop
Specialty: "contemporary & classical music,scores..."
Clients: Canadian Music Centre
Location: "Toronto, Canada",
MD Unknown
Steve Newman
Specialty: "contemporary & classical music,scores..."
Location: Fort Worth, TX
TX Unknown
Name Location Hourly Rate Featured
Found: 1220 Engravers  Displaying: 1201 - 1220 << First | Prev  || Next | Last >>

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