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Jordan Ali
Specialty: Music Engraving and Arranging
Clients: Philip Glass, Steven Gaboury, Jon Baptiste, Andres Cardenes, Theodore Teris
Location: Queens, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Chris Abelen Music Productions CAMP
Specialty: FINALE - digital engraving from manuscripts
Clients: B&H, Donemus, Universal, Schott
Location: Haarlem - the Netherlands, Other
Other $20 - $40  
R. Walter Rust Music
Specialty: FINALE, Dorico, Logic Pro, Instrumental, Jazz and Choral Music
Location: Eugene, OR
OR $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Toronto Music Service
Specialty: Orchestral, concert music, new music, film, guitar, popular music, musical theatre, choral, Sibelius 2020.1, Transcribe 8.7.1, Logic Pro X
Clients: Dunvagen Music Publishers, Chester Music, St. Rose Music, Opus 101, Notacia Ltd., Philip Glass, John Luther Adams, Vince Mendoza, Richard Reed Parry, Henning Sommerro, Jonas Valfridsson, Keiko Devaux, Thirteen Strings Chamber Orchestra
Location: Toronto, ON, CA, Other
Other $41 - $80  
Matthew Karas
Stephens Music Services
Specialty: Finale Engraving, Copying, Transcribing
Location: Wimberley, TX
TX $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Oriol Colomé Font
Specialty: Professional Music Engraver, Arranger, Composer, Copyist & Sheet Music Publisher with Finale, Pro Tools
Location: Barcelona, Other
Other $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Sotta Voce Engraving
Specialty: Enlarged scoresparts for visually challenged musicians
Location: AUGUSTA, ME
ME $41 - $80  
Matthew Karas
Ben Sheppard Music Notation Services
Specialty: Sibelius: Transcriptions, Transpositions, PianoVocal Scores, Musical Theater, Jazz, Pit Orchestra, Chamber
Clients: Stephen Gaboury Composer, Ballets With A Twist Dance Company, Denali Bennett, Jenn Wais,
Location: NEW YORK, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Elijah Shiffer
Specialty: jazz, Finale
Clients: Annette St. John, Cecilia Coleman, Dennis Day, Peter Salas
Location: Brooklyn, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
10 Music Engraving
Specialty: Orchestra and other large ensembles, piano. No experimental notation.
Clients: See my website.
Location: Salisbury, NC
NC Per Page  
Matthew Karas
Castellano Music
Specialty: Finale - scores and parts: chamber ensembles, piano solo, choral, Lead Sheets, Transpositions, Transcriptions
Clients: Imagine Music Publishing, Lighthouse Guild Music School, Rain Worthington, Pamela Sklar
Location: Larchmont, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Jawher Matmati
Specialty: Music Engraving Sibelius, Dorico 3.5, Font Design, Graphic Design FontLab Studio, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Indesign CC.
Location: Paris, Other
Other Other  
Gilbert Galindo
Galindo Musix
Specialty: Music engraving & copying; audio & score transcriptions; arrangements & orchestrations; any genre accommodated: contemporary, classical, jazz, pop, musical theater, etc.; equally adept with using Finale or Sibelius
Clients: Current & past clients: G. Schirmer/AMP, EAM/Schott, Eve Beglarian, William Bland, Eleanor Cory, Gabriela Lena Frank, Alexandra Gardner, Drew Hemenger, Missy Mazzoli, Judith Shatin, Tobias Picker, & more
Location: Sunnyside, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Gilbert Galindo
Lounsbrough Music
Specialty: Choir, Wind Ensemble, Chamber
Location: Taylor, MI
MI $20 - $40  
Gilbert Galindo
Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings, LLC (ASCAP)
Specialty: Comprehensive Music Engraving and Preparation using Finale: Schenkerian sketches | musical examples | orchestral scores and parts | choral octavos | church music | contemporary scores and parts | Vocal Music | Jazz | Broadway | Opera | Concert Band |
Clients: Edward Laufer, Atlantic Coast Opera Festival; Beatrice Beer; Dr. Erinn Knyt; Dr. Peter H. Smith; Boja Kragulj; Dr. Jacquelyn Sholes
Location: Westland, MI
MI Per Page  
Gilbert Galindo
Specialty: solo instrument, choir and orchestra
Clients: Composer, publishing company
Location: Rome, Other
Other Per Page  
Gilbert Galindo
FM Editora
Specialty: All type of music - FINALE SIBELIUS SCORE MUSESCORE
Clients: Sistema Nacional de Orquestas - Venezuela
Location: Caracas, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Gilbert Galindo
Andelong Music Publishing
Specialty: orchestra, chamber, vocal, contemporary, parts, educational
Clients: New York Philharmonic, Minnesota Orchestra, Alarm Will Sound, eighth blackbird, University of Chicago
Location: Chicago, IL
IL $41 - $80  
Gilbert Galindo
Sean Gill
Specialty: Jazz, Concert Band, Vocal/Octavo, pre-press production
Clients: Plank Road Publishing, Alliance Publications, Tom Splitt, Catherine Scholz
Location: Denver , CO
CO Other  
Gilbert Galindo
Martin Higgins
Specialty: Sibelius 8, Film, Musical Theatre, Classical, Orchestral, Pop, Choral. My scores have been used worldwide.
Clients: Disney (Cinderella 2015 Feature Film), Kanye West (808 at The Hollywood Bowl),
Location: Gloucestershire, Other
Other $20 - $40  
Name Location Hourly Rate Featured
Found: 1221 Engravers  Displaying: 1 - 20 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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