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Oriol Colomé Font Featured

Homer, 23
Barcelona, Other 08023

Company Name:Oriol Colomé Font
Engraver Name:Oriol Colomé Font
State or Province:Other
ZIP Code:08023
Contact Email: Contact Engraver
Specialty:Professional Music Engraver, Arranger, Composer, Copyist & Sheet Music Publisher with Finale, Pro Tools
Hourly Rate: $20 - $40
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Work Sample 3: View Work Sample 3
Date Added:2019-04-03
About Oriol Colomé Font:My career aspirations are fueled by the commitment to pursuing a career in any field related to music publishing and engraving business, arranging/composing, teaching practical and theoretical musical approaches and research or development tasks that support both theoretical and practical applications related to the analysis, description, synthesis, transformation and production of sound and music. Referring now to social and intellectual pursuits, I always believed in the need of fighting for the acknowledgement of the cultural sector and the value I believe music has as a science, foreign language, history and art itself. Extending the musical and technological knowledge in any sense for sure will provide opportunities for further development and progression both from personal and professional perspectives and will help the music industry to assert itself in a world which, in my humble opinion, it is quite understated.

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