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Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings, LLC (ASCAP) Featured

36688 Rolf
Westland, MI 48186

Company Name:Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings, LLC (ASCAP)
Engraver Name:Benjamin "Dr. Ben" Ayotte
State or Province:MI
ZIP Code:48186
Contact Email: Contact Engraver
Website: Visit Website
Specialty:Comprehensive Music Engraving and Preparation using Finale: Schenkerian sketches | musical examples | orchestral scores and parts | choral octavos | church music | contemporary scores and parts | Vocal Music | Jazz | Broadway | Opera | Concert Band |
Clients:William Rothstein, Allen Cadwallader, Sholom Kalib, Edward Laufer, Atlantic Coast Opera Festival; Beatrice Beer; Dr. Erinn Knyt; Dr. Peter H. Smith; Boja Kragulj; Dr. Jacquelyn Sholes
Hourly Rate: Per Page
Work Sample: View Work Sample
Work Sample 2: View Work Sample 2
Work Sample 3: View Work Sample 3
Date Added:2016-07-06

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