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Ben Sheppard Music Notation Services
Specialty: Sibelius: Transcriptions, Transpositions, PianoVocal Scores, Musical Theater, Jazz, Pit Orchestra, Chamber
Clients: Stephen Gaboury Composer, Ballets With A Twist Dance Company, Denali Bennett, Jenn Wais,
Location: NEW YORK, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Stephens Music Services
Specialty: Finale Engraving, Copying, Transcribing
Location: Wimberley, TX
TX $20 - $40  
Sotta Voce Engraving
Specialty: Enlarged scoresparts for visually challenged musicians
Location: AUGUSTA, ME
ME $41 - $80  
Elijah Shiffer
Specialty: jazz, Finale
Clients: Annette St. John, Cecilia Coleman, Dennis Day, Peter Salas
Location: Brooklyn, NY
NY $20 - $40  
10 Music Engraving
Specialty: Orchestra and other large ensembles, piano. No experimental notation.
Clients: See my website.
Location: Salisbury, NC
NC Per Page  
Lounsbrough Music
Specialty: Choir, Wind Ensemble, Chamber
Location: Taylor, MI
MI $20 - $40  
FM Editora
Specialty: All type of music - FINALE SIBELIUS SCORE MUSESCORE
Clients: Sistema Nacional de Orquestas - Venezuela
Location: Caracas, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Andelong Music Publishing
Specialty: orchestra, chamber, vocal, contemporary, parts, educational
Clients: New York Philharmonic, Minnesota Orchestra, Alarm Will Sound, eighth blackbird, University of Chicago
Location: Chicago, IL
IL $41 - $80  
Robert Noyes
Specialty: Finale, parts extraction, transcription, engraving, orchestration, copying, arranging
Clients: Wiscasset Music Publishing
Location: Somerville, MA
MA $20 - $40  
Specialty: Sibelius; Musical Theater, Band/Orchestra, Piano
Clients: Steele Spring, Samuel French, Bakerboys Music, Subito Music
Location: Washington, DC
DC $41 - $80  
Name Location Hourly Rate Featured
Found: 1222 Engravers  Displaying: 1 - 10 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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