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Lou Flōs
Specialty: Composer, Pianist, Copyist
Location: clint, TX
TX $20 - $40  
Expert Sibelius Engraving
Specialty: Expert Sibelius Engraver, Arranger, Transcriber, Master of Orchestration, Proofreader
Clients: European Editions, individuals from US, AU, CA
Location: Batumi, Other
Other $20 - $40  
Jordan Ali
Specialty: Music Engraving and Arranging
Clients: Philip Glass, Steven Gaboury, Jon Baptiste, Andres Cardenes, Theodore Teris
Location: Queens, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Chris Abelen Music Productions CAMP
Specialty: FINALE - digital engraving from manuscripts
Clients: B&H, Donemus, Universal, Schott
Location: Haarlem - the Netherlands, Other
Other $20 - $40  
R. Walter Rust Music
Specialty: FINALE, Dorico, Logic Pro, Instrumental, Jazz and Choral Music
Location: Eugene, OR
OR $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Toronto Music Service
Specialty: Orchestral, Chamber, New Music, Film, Guitar, Popular Music, Musical Theatre, Choral, Jazz, Sibelius 2023.3, Dorico 3.5, Transcribe 9.1, Logic Pro 10.7.6
Clients: Boosey & Hawkes, Dunvagen Music Publishers, The Aaron Copland Fund, Philip Glass, John Luther Adams, Vince Mendoza, Tim Fain, Canadian Opera Company Orchestra, Symphony Nova Scotia, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Orchestre Métropolitain
Location: Toronto, ON, CA, Other
Other $41 - $80  
Matthew Karas
Oriol Colomé Font
Specialty: Professional Music Engraver, Arranger, Composer, Copyist & Sheet Music Publisher with Finale, Pro Tools
Location: Barcelona, Other
Other $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Sotta Voce Engraving
Specialty: Enlarged scoresparts for visually challenged musicians
Location: AUGUSTA, ME
ME $41 - $80  
Matthew Karas
Ben Sheppard Music Notation Services
Specialty: Sibelius: Transcriptions, Transpositions, PianoVocal Scores, Musical Theater, Jazz, Pit Orchestra, Chamber
Clients: Stephen Gaboury Composer, Ballets With A Twist Dance Company, Denali Bennett, Jenn Wais,
Location: NEW YORK, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Elijah Shiffer
Specialty: jazz, Finale
Clients: Annette St. John, Cecilia Coleman, Dennis Day, Peter Salas
Location: Brooklyn, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
10 Music Engraving
Specialty: Orchestra and other large ensembles, piano. No experimental notation.
Clients: See my website.
Location: Salisbury, NC
NC Per Page  
Matthew Karas
Castellano Music
Specialty: Finale - scores and parts: chamber ensembles, piano solo, choral, Lead Sheets, Transpositions, Transcriptions
Clients: Imagine Music Publishing, Lighthouse Guild Music School, Rain Worthington, Pamela Sklar
Location: Larchmont, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Matthew Karas
Jawher Matmati
Specialty: Music Engraving Sibelius, Dorico, Font Design, Graphic Design GlyphsApp, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Location: Paris, Other
Other Other  
Gilbert Galindo
Galindo Musix
Specialty: Music engraving & copying; audio & score transcriptions; arrangements & orchestrations; any genre accommodated: contemporary, classical, jazz, pop, musical theater, etc.; equally adept with using Finale or Sibelius
Clients: Current & past clients: G. Schirmer/AMP, EAM/Schott, Eve Beglarian, William Bland, Eleanor Cory, Gabriela Lena Frank, Alexandra Gardner, Drew Hemenger, Missy Mazzoli, Judith Shatin, Tobias Picker, & more
Location: Sunnyside, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Gilbert Galindo
Lounsbrough Music
Specialty: Choir, Wind Ensemble, Chamber
Location: Taylor, MI
MI $20 - $40  
Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings, LLC (ASCAP)
Specialty: Comprehensive Music Engraving and Preparation using Finale: Schenkerian sketches | musical examples | orchestral scores and parts | choral octavos | church music | contemporary scores and parts | Vocal Music | Jazz | Broadway | Opera | Concert Band |
Clients: William Rothstein, Allen Cadwallader, Sholom Kalib, Edward Laufer, Atlantic Coast Opera Festival; Beatrice Beer; Dr. Erinn Knyt; Dr. Peter H. Smith; Boja Kragulj; Dr. Jacquelyn Sholes
Location: Westland, MI
MI Per Page  
Specialty: solo instrument, choir and orchestra
Clients: Composer, publishing company
Location: Rome, Other
Other Per Page  
FM Editora
Specialty: All type of music - FINALE SIBELIUS SCORE MUSESCORE
Clients: Sistema Nacional de Orquestas - Venezuela
Location: Caracas, NY
NY $20 - $40  
Andelong Music Publishing
Specialty: orchestra, chamber, vocal, contemporary, parts, educational
Clients: New York Philharmonic, Minnesota Orchestra, Alarm Will Sound, eighth blackbird, University of Chicago
Location: Chicago, IL
IL $41 - $80  
Sean Gill
Specialty: Jazz, Concert Band, Vocal/Octavo, pre-press production
Clients: Plank Road Publishing, Alliance Publications, Tom Splitt, Catherine Scholz
Location: Springfield, OR
OR $20 - $40  
Name Location Hourly Rate Featured
Found: 1220 Engravers  Displaying: 1 - 20 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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